Sunday, March 19, 2023

Good Gracious, Still Winter

Perhaps, if ProfessorRoush teases the elements by stating Winter is never going to end, the gods of War will put down their lightning bolts and thunder, the Weavers will begin weaving their threads, and, in defiance, the world will throw Spring into my face.   Because it is all, in this alternate dimension of Roush-life, done because of, in spite of, or about, me.  Right?   That has to be it, doesn't it?   "Citizens of Roushopolis, do not fear, I will just go find the correct switch and we will begin Spring in short order!"

I ventured out today, a poor lost soul caught in winter, and finally, finally, found my long-awaited Siberian squill boldly blooming on a south-facing slope.   I've seen nothing else before this, no swelling of forsythia or magnolia buds, no cracking of redbud blossoms, no lilacs breaking dormancy.  Prior to this, I had lost hope for Spring and crawled back into Winter, a warm blanket and warmer dog my only solace.

A mere three days ago, on March 16th, the scene outside and the story headlines were still full of cold and wintery weather.  My back yard was a swirl of wind and flurries, imprisoning me within the windows.   I should find a way to enjoy them, these last few dribbles of snow, but I'm not a snow boy.   I dream of a world where the only boots I wear are to wade through a stream or a prairie just burnt, not one where the precipitation of the moment reaches ones hips.

The Scilla pictured above is a week later than last year, two weeks later than 2021 and 2016 and 2012 in the same spot.   Only a week, only two weeks late?   It seems like an eternity.  An eternity compounded by my very, very late and nonexistent to prepare the garden.   For the first time I can remember, I have not yet touched the garden by Spring Break, the latter a milestone on the annual calendar of any professor.  Work, trips, illness, and sloth have left the garden on the outside, off the to-do list and fighting for itself.  Too few moderately-decent Spring days have appeared, a scattering on the weekdays and none on the weekend.   Today, 48ºF, is still too cold for my old bones to lay on the ground, and I wonder if the frost is really gone from just beneath the crust.   Soon, I expect, the race will begin, but this year, I may see daffodils surrounded by brown daylily debris, or fighting through lily stems.  Que sera sera.

Oh, I almost forgot; on my walk, there was this strange flower growing near a clump of daffodils.   A mutant daffodil?   A fungus?   Nope, a styrofoam ball from some discarded Christmas wreath, a poor substitute indeed for the stirring of sap and growth that should be occurring here!


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