Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To My Readers; The Beginning

I owe an explanation to readers who have found this blog and are wondering what on earth ever possessed me to begin it:

Once upon a time there was a poor, young (in spirit) veterinary surgeon who gardened and also had a hankering to write and so he wrote about the subject that fueled his passions and occupied his leisure time: Gardening. And lo, this gardening writer lived, gardened and wrote in the Flint Hills of Kansas and he was mightily tested and tried by the land, sun and sky, and he had many weather events and dead plants to write about such as the snow-covered lilacs on the picture to the right. So eventually there came a book, whimsically titled "Garden Musings: Essays on Gardening and Life from the Kansas Flint Hills." And the book was published by and it was available on and and he believed that it was good. And the readers and friends of the writer laughed with him and laughed at him and for a time he found contentment in his trials. But the writing lacked pictures to go along with the text and the writer missed interacting with his readers and so, on the sixth day, he created THE BLOG so that he might illustrate his thoughts with his own photos and that he might gain feedback far and wide from the critics.

For those who enjoy this blog, the book that started it all can be sampled and ordered from, where you also may directly contact me for autographed copies if desired. I'm fast in the midst of a 2nd book, at present titled More Garden Musings, so watch for it to be published in early 2011.

Happy Gardening to all: ProfessorRoush 7/28/10

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