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Notes:  This page is intended to be a catalog, if you will, of the roses that I have blogged about.  It does not represent all the roses I grow, but I will add each rose that I picture and describe in a blog entry as the blogs are added to the main page. Clicking on a picture below will show you an enlarged picture of the rose.  Clicking on the rose name should take you to a blog about that rose.  For those who are looking for a particular rose, the roses are grouped in order of:  Old Garden Roses, Canadian Roses, Hybrid Rugosas, David Austin Roses, Griffith Buck Roses, Paul Barden Roses, Miniature Roses, Climbing Roses, Modern Shrub Roses, and Cemetery Roses. 

Old Garden Roses

Rosa mundi: Gallica, prior to 1500.

'Variegata di Bologna': Bourbon, Lodi, 1909

'Honorine de Brabant'; Bourbon, Tanne, 1916
'Crested Moss': Centrifolia, Vibert, 1828

'Comte de Chambord'; Portland, Robert and Moreau, 1859
'Duchesse de Montebello'; Gallica, Laffay, 1824

'Coquette des Blanches':  Bourbon, Lacharme, 1871
'Madame Hardy': Damask, Hardy, 1832

'La Reine'; Hybrid Perpetual, Laffay, 1842
'Red Moss'; Moss, Laffay, 1862

'Cardinal de Richelieu': Gallica, Laffay, 1840

'Maiden's Blush'; Alba, unknown, pre-1500

'Madame Plantier'; Alba, Plantier, 1835

'Leda'; Damask, unknown, before 1827 
'Madame Isaac Pereire'; Bourbon, Garcon, 1881

'Ferdinand Pichard'; Bourbon, Tanne, 1921

'Duchess of Portland'; Damask Perpetual, unknown, prior to 1775

'Fantin Latour'; Centifolia, unknown, prior to 1938
'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain'; Hybrid Perpetual, LaCharme, 1865 

'Tuscany Superb'; Gallica, Rivers, 1837 

'Souvenir du President Lincoln'; Bourbon, Rpbert & Moreau, 1865

'Louise Odier'; Bourbon, Margottan,1861
'Alfred de Dalmas'; Moss, Laffay, 1855

'Centrifolia Variegata'; Centrifolia, Vibert, 1839

'Banshee'; Damask, before 1773

Canadian Shrub Roses

'Champlain', Explorer Series Shrub, Svejda, 1982

'Hope for Humanity': Parkland Series Shrub, Collicutt, 1995

'David Thompson'; Explorer Series, Svejda, 1979
'Morden Sunrise', Parkland Series Shrub, Davidson and Collicutt, 1991
'William Baffin':  Explorer Series Shrub, Svejda, 1983 
'Cuthbert Grant'; Parkland Series Shrub, Marshall, 1967

'Morden Centennial'; Shrub, Marshall, 1972
'Prairie Joy': Parkland Series Shrub, Marshall, 1990

'Morden Blush':  Parkland Shrub, Marshall, 1976

'J. P. Connell': Explorer Shrub, Svejda, 1986

'John Franklin'; Shrub, Svejda, 1979

'Winnipeg Parks'; Parkland Shrub, Marshall, 1981

'Adelaide Hoodless': Parkland Shrub, Marshall, 1973 

'Morden Fireglow'; Parkland Shrub, Marshall, 1976

'Alexander MacKenzie': Explorer Shrub, Svejda, 1985

'Morden Ruby': Parkland Shrub, Marchall, 1977

Rugosa Hybrids
'Charles Albanel'; Hybrid Rugosa, Svejda, 1982

'Marie Bugnet':  Hybrid Rugosa, Bugnet, 1973

Rugelda: KORruge, Hybrid Rugosa, Kordes, 1989

'Therese Bugnet' (left) and 'Harison's Yellow' (right)

'Hunter'; Hybrid Rugosa, Mattock, 1961

'Therese Bugnet'; Hybrid Rugosa, Bugnet, 1941

'Blanc Double de Coubert': Hybrid Rugosa, Cochet-Cochet, 1893
'Basye's Purple Rose': Hybrid Rugosa, Basye, 1968 

'Snow Pavement': Hybrid Rugosa, Baum, 1984

'F. J. Grootendorst'; Hybrid Rugosa, Grootendorst, 1918

'Robusta'; Hybrid Rugosa, Kordes, 1979


'Polareis'; Hybrid rugosa, Rieksta, 1963
'Vanguard'; Hybrid Rugosa, Stevens, 1932
'Purple Pavement': Hybrid Rugosa, Baum, 1983
'Sir Thomas Lipton': Hybrid Rugosa, Van Fleet, 1900

'Linda Campbell': MORten, Hybrid Rugosa, Moore, 1991

'Conrad Ferdinand Meyer';Hybrid Rugosa, Muller, 1897

'Moore's Striped Rugosa'; Hybrid Rugosa, Moore, 1987

'Souvenir de Philemon Cochet'; Hybrid Rugosa, Cochet, 1899

David Austin Roses

'Golden Celebration': AUSgold, Shrub, Austin, 1992
'Heritage'; AUSblush, Shrub, Austin, 1984

 Griffith Buck Roses

'Freckles':  Shrub, Buck, 1976

'Prairie Harvest':   Shrub, Buck, 1985

'Blue Skies'; Hybrid Tea, Buck, 1983

'Bright Melody'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

'Distant Drums'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

'Carefree Beauty':  BUCbi, Shrub, Buck, 1977

'EarthSong':  Grandiflora, Buck, 1975

'Polonaise':  Shrub, Buck, 1984
'Winter Sunset':  Shrub, Buck, 1998

'IoBelle':  Hybrid Tea, Buck, 1972

'Queen Bee', shrub, Buck, 1984

'Folksinger'; Shrub, Buck, 1985

'Golden Princess': Shrub, Buck, 1984
'Prairie Star': Shrub, Buck, 1975

'Amiga Mia'; Shrub, Buck, 1978

'Cinnamon Spice'; Shrub, Buck, 1975/2010

'El Catala'; Grandiflora, Buck, 1981

'Hawkeye Belle': Buck, 1975
'Wild Ginger'; Grandiflora, Buck, 1976

'April Moon'; Shrub, Buck, 1984


'Quietness'; Shrub, Buck, 2003
'Prairie Sunrise'; Shrub, Buck 1997 (Kedem)

'Serendipity'; Shrub, Buck, 1978

'Incredible'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

'Gee Whiz'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

'Chorale'; Shrub, Buck, 1978

'Silver Shadows'; Hybrid Tea, Buck, 1984

'Prairie Valor'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

'Prairie Lass'; Shrub, Buck, 1978

'Paloma Blanca'; Shrub, Buck, 1984
'Rural Rhythm'; Shrub, Buck, 1984

Paul Barden Roses

'Marianne'; Hybrid Gallica, Barden, 2001

'Jeri Jennings': Hybrid Musk, Barden, 2007

'Gallicandy': Hybrid Gallica, Barden, 2003

'Allegra': Hybrid Gallica, Barden, 2004

'Dragon's Blood'; Shrub, Barden, 1979
'Dolly's Forever Rose'; Shrub, Barden, 2006

'Unconditional Love'; Miniature Moss, Barden, 2003

'Crested Damask'; Barden, 2005


Miniature Roses
'Jeanne Lajoie': Miniature climber, Sima, 1975

'Red Cascade':  MOORcap, Miniature groundcover, Moore, 1976

'Honora Hit': Poulpah051,Hybrid Tea, Olesen, 2007

 'Rainbow's End': Saville, 1984

Species Roses

'Austrian Copper':  R. foetida bicolor, Hybrid Foetida, pre-1590
R. eglanteria: R. rubiginosa, Sweetbriar Rose, prior to 1500


R. arkansana: Prairie Rose

'Harison's Yellow':  Hybrid Foetida, Harison, 1825

'Amy Robsart'; Hybrid Rubiginosa. before 1894

Climbing Roses

'American Pillar': Hybrid Wichuriana, Van Fleet, 1902

'Eden Rose 88': MEIviolin Climber, Meilland, 1985

'Altissimo';Large-flowered Climber, Delbard, 1966

'New Dawn': Large-flowered Climber, Dreer, 1930

'Veilchenblau': Hybrid Multiflora, Schmidt, 1909

 Modern Shrub Roses

'Sally Holmes': Hybrid Musk, Holmes, 1976
'Belinda's Dream':  Shrub, Basye, 1988

'Ballerina':  Hybrid Musk, Bentall, 1937

'Double Knockout': RADtko, Radler, 2004

'Wonderstripe'; Shrub, Clements, 1996

'Sweet Fragrance'; Lim, 2007

Unnamed seedling: Roush, 2003

'Rhapsody in Blue'; Shrub, Cowlishaw, 1999
'Carefree Spirit'; Shrub, Meilland, 2007

'Morning Blush': Hybrid Alba, Sievers, 1974

'High Voltage'; Shrub, Lim, 2009
'Lillian Gibson'; Hybrid Blanda, Hansen, 1938

Hybrid Teas, Floras and Grandifloras

'Betty Boop' Floribunda, Carruth, 1998

'Madame Marie Curie'; Hybrid Tea, Gaugard, 1942

'Lavande': Floribunda, Rennie, ?

'Touch of Class'; Hybrid Tea, Kriloff, 1984

'Granada': Hybrid Tea, Lindquist, 1963

'Garden Party'; Hybrid Tea, Swim, 1959
'Chuckles': Floribunda, Shepherd, 1958
'Queen Elizabeth'; Grandiflora, Lammerts, 1954

'Golden Fantasie'; Hybrid Tea, Byrum, 1971

'Charlotte Brownell'; Hybrid Tea, Brownell, (1960's?)

'Gruss An Aachen'; Floribunda, Hinner, 1909

'Red Intuition'; Hybrid Tea, Delbard, 1999

Cemetery (Found) Roses

'Cemetery';  perhaps Konigin von Danemark?

'Unknown White Cemetery'; perhaps 'Double Scotch Brier'?


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