Monday, June 13, 2011

Light from the Edge of the World

Although we've been talking about buffalograss and native wildflowers, I can't resist taking a day out to show you a sky shot.  Taken west, at sunset, from my front door Friday night.  I appreciated the "flashlight" beam from God, pointing out the leading edge of the oncoming storm that evening, but I was quite chagrined when the storm dissipated on my very doorstep with only a few random drops on the cement.  Similarly, Saturday night and Sunday were 80% chances for rain and I watched a storm moving in from Salina that should have gotten here around 1 a.m.    This morning, no rain and the chances had dropped to 40%.  We got about one-tenth of an inch around 9 a.m. and then nothing else.  Looks like the spigot is turning off for our usual summer drought here.

I gave up and watered the tomatoes and the new roses today.  I had thought there was still enough moisture in the ground, but yesterday I planted a 'New Dawn' and the soil was dry from the surface to the bottom of the hole.  More wildflowers tomorrow.....


  1. Beautiful and so dramatic! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stunning photo. Bad news about the rain. Actually I think all of the planet's atmospheric water has decamped to New Zealand. The earth never seems to dry out, after weeks of rain. Great for weeding - ordinarily tenacious roots just slide free - but a bit wearying for the spirit. Yesterday was fine though, permitting a glorious sunset, courtesy invisible ash clouds from Chile, having almost completed their circumnavigation of the globe. According to meteorologists they could give us cooler weather over the next two months.

  3. In Colorado it was the view of the mountains in the morning. In Texas it was the view of the wildflowers in the spring. In Oklahoma and Kansas its diffidently the sky views in the morning and evening. What other word but majesty can define that view. Nice Photo, Prof.!


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