Monday, August 8, 2011

Weatherman Wrong

Well, not just the weatherman, but the entire weather forecasting system is sometimes stumped by the fickle nature of the Kansas Flint Hills.  Yesterday at 8:00am., and the local news all predicted a return to highs in the mid-100's for the Flint Hills after a brief respite in the high 90's late last week.  I hurried outside to mow and get at least some minor work done in my neglected garden before the heat rose.  A warm south wind was blowing and the temps quickly rose towards the 90's. And then low and behold about 10:00a.m., as I mowed, the wind increased rapidly and it got darker and darker and then simply ominous to the west and north.

It didn't rain, as a big summer storm slid just north of us, but I didn't complain a bit because by 1:00 p.m. the temperature was a cool 81 degrees and it didn't rise back into the 90's all day.  Last night a little rain came, and this morning it was downright chilly to my heat-wave-adjusted internal thermometer.  Forecasts for the next 10 days show a number of low nights in the 60's and only two days into the 90's.  The heat wave has broken here!  The only creatures in my garden that aren't happy about that are the cold-blooded snakes and lizards slinking around in my peripheral vision.  I don't know if my fellow Kansas blogger Gaia Garden is right in her eloquent post about global warming, but at least I know now that I'll see Winter once again in the Flint Hills.  I was beginning to wonder.  Even the sun yesterday evening, exiting with a golden sunset, seemed to want to apologize to the Flint Hills earth and gardeners for all the troubles it has caused in recent weeks.


  1. Beautiful sunset! (And thank you for the kind mention.) I'm not sure our forecast is quite as wonderful as your's sounds, but starting tomorrow we are supposed to be in the upper 80's and low 90's for at least 5 days. It seems like heaven. Today hasn't been too bad either.

  2. I love the sunsets in the Flint hills. I'm glad the weather has broken there. I moved my collage student back to Manhattan in the 107-110 degree heat. Not so different from north Texas, Maybe we will see a break soon as well. The weather people are saying at least 10 more days,so maybe not. 38 plus days and counting, no rain in much longer.

    I guess the scale that effects crape myrtles here has not made it up north. Hopefully the winters kill it.

  3. Drove through your state today and were amazed as we watched the thermometer steadily drop from 100 plus temps in Texas down to 79 degrees in Kansas. A breath of fresh air for drought weary Texans...if only for a short time. Enjoy!!


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