Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pink Sunrise

Just as a tongue-in-cheek post at my readers who follow this blog from states other than the gardening utopia of Kansas, I present to you the sunrise of yesterday morning, taken on my short drive to work.  It's only an i-Phone picture, completely unedited,  but I think it represents why I persist in fighting the flint rock and prairie fires to garden here.

The colorful sunrise turned into a really nice, sunny afternoon suitable to be outside sans coat, and ProfessorRoush took the afternoon off to trim the ornamental grasses off, mow the remnants of the tall prairie grasses, and spray dormant oil on the fruit trees and roses.  What a blissful day!

Totally aside from the beauty of yesterday morning, are others on Google's Blogger having trouble using the blogger interface because Blogger has stopped supporting Internet Explorer?  Google seems to be forcing me to go to Google Chrome and that's just going to be a cold day in Kansas because Google Chrome, frankly, sucks.  I'm about ready to switch blogging platforms if they don't reconsider, and if I get fed up and that happens, I'll post the new link here and hope you migrate with me.


  1. I generally use Firefox and haven't had any problem with the Blogger interface lately.

    Your photo is gorgeous!!! We sure have had some beautiful skies, morning and night, this winter.

  2. Beautiful sunrise, for sure! I've been having weird issues on Blogger the past few days too...and I'm using Chrome! It seem Google really does try to push us the direction of using all their stuff though, doesn't it?

  3. nice pinks. Haven't had any problems lately. I use Firefox also. IE is too buggy for me. Your getting as bad as me about posting. Is that a new record, a week? Your var. oat seed germed for me. Will see if its green or not.

  4. Yes, Greggo, it was at least a week. As you can see from today's post, I've been reading trashy literature for 12 days; "The Hunger Games" and avoiding my garden.

    Glad to see the oats sprouted. It'll be interesting to see if the variegation stays.


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