Monday, June 25, 2012

Unconditional Love

'Unconditional Love'
I have a new youngster in my garden, just a toddler starting to stretch out, and I swear, here, in front of witnesses, to give it 'Unconditional Love' forevermore.  I came across this 2003 introduction (registered as ARDwesternstar) while looking for Paul Barden roses on Rogue Valley's website and, unable to resist a bright red rose, I ordered and planted it this Spring.  'Unconditional Love' is a miniature Moss rose, and it has nice mossy buds to prove it. The first bloom flush, from a rose only a foot tall, was quite spectacular as you can see at the right.  Blooms are small, but very bright red and very double, and the color holds until the blooms drop free.  She's supposed to only grow two feet tall, so I have her placed in a prominent spot front and center of a new bed where she can return my adoration with blooming abandon.   I'll write more about her next year as she comes into adolescence.
(The "thistle" at the lower left, for those who are wondering, is a white prickly poppy, Argemone polyanthemos, that I have successfully gotten to grow from seed in this bed.  I'm trying to get them started self-seeding, so the prickly poppy and 'Unconditional Love' will just have to snuggle up together and get alone this summer).     


  1. I'm thinking some time back that I should take photos of all the various types of wild roses in the forests here in Sweden and create a post about them just for you. You definitely have a passion for them.

    When I moved off the chaparral covered mountains to San diego before moving to Sweden, I was supervisor of a landscape division of a Property Management company. This one property had tons of roses and I knew relatively little about them. One thing I did know is that I hate chemicals and there is no end to chemical products when it comes to rose care.

    I found I could take a pressure wash and hold rose branch tips in my hand and spray them off. I had no real aphid problem for some time. Well at least till some entrepreneurial Ants brought some more of their favourite farm animals for homesteading again.

    Did you ever use a good mycorrhizal product for the roots ?



    1. Mycorrhizal products? Only if you count pelleted Alfalfa meal added on top once or twice a year.


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