Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Iris

Iris 'Rare Edition'
I was excited last night to see the first of my bearded irises blooming.  During my nightly walk around the garden, I spotted a single purple and white bloom shining up from near the growing peony foliage.  Irises really aren't my thing and I have trouble telling many of them apart since I've never really studied them, but I enjoy the color they add to the garden and I've come to appreciate both their bloom season and the nice fragrance many varieties have.  And the fact that they herald the rose season.

 'Rare Edition' is a purple-white Intermediate bearded iris that has always been the earliest of the irises in my garden (not including, of course, the Siberians).  He was hybridized in 1980 by  J. Gatty and stands about 18-20 inches tall in my garden.    

Iris 'Lemon Pop'
There may have been a single bloom yesterday evening, but the iris season isn't wasting any time.   By today, last night's single bloom has turned into a clump sprouting a number of blooms and another clump of 'Rare Edition' is blooming across the garden.  And another early Intermediate iris, 'Lemon Pop' has popped up a couple of blooms on its own.  'Lemon Pop' was a 1989 breeding effort by Lauer and this little shorty (16 inches tall) is scented with the sweetness of heaven.

By next week, the place is going to be packed with irises.  And soon after, the roses will strike and I'll be a happy gardener again. 

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