Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger's Bloom Day, May 2011

I don't often participate in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day from May Dreams Garden, but in the midst of a very cold, dreary Sunday, what better way to pass the afternoon than to show some glimpses of my garden and the brightness blooming outside.  Recognize that it's too cold and windy outside today, so these pictures were taken yesterday, but they're still blooming today, all the same.

For some reason, I tend to take and display more closeups of flowers, so consider this a rare look at part of my landscaping;  the back patio, blooming with, from foreground to background, 'Jeanne Lavoie', 'Zepherine Drouhin', 'Morden Blush', 'Prairie Joy', 'Carefree Beauty', and 'David Thompson'.  A little later, 'Fantin Latour' and 'Madame Hardy' should join the picture.  The blue/white flowers at the top are irises.  Click on it if you want to enlarge things. 

I think 'Carefree Beauty' deserves a closeup of its floriferousness, don't you?

'Morden Centennial' and deep red 'Hope for Humanity' are providing some color elsewhere in the border.

Of course, I love roses, but I'm not all about them.  The irises in this mixed iris-daylily bed are starting to bloom.  The red splotch at the center top of the picture is another rose, though; Rugosa cross 'Robusta'. 

Elsewhere, clematis 'Jackmanii' is trying to grow up a trellis near my gazebo, and some blue columbines are putting on a show in the front landscaping.

So, 'Rise-N-Shine' gardeners, the weather in Kansas may be cold, but there be flowers out there! Not pictured yet are the peonies, and a host of other clematis and irises and......


  1. Sorry to hear about your sambucus. Did you say they all died in your area? 3" caliper? It must of been huge. Got any old photos? I've never seen one mature. Looks like you've been busy.

  2. Your blooming beds are gorgeous. Very lush and full of flowers. Can't wait for your daylilies to start.

  3. Yes Greggo, all the sambucus that I know of died. I'll see if I can rustle up a picture and send it to you.

  4. You're so far ahead of us, climate-wise.... our first rose blossoms are just opening up. We are still enjoying magnolias, tulips and daffs, wood phlox, and the azaleas just came into bloom this week! But our columbine is definitely going full throttle here!

    Ah, for us, this is a taste of things to come! Such a lovely garden. My husbnad loves your yellow roses (his favorites). Me, I just love it all!

  5. A beautiful clematis, but it doesn't look like Jackmanii. Are you sure it isn't Elsa Spath?

  6. I can only be sure of what the plant tag said.


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