Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Year of Mind and Garden

Today, though I can scarce believe it, marks the first-year anniversary of this blog. 

From my first post, an introduction and explanation, to the most recent post Tuesday evening, 227 posts along, my blog is still evolving and changing. It has filled my need to occasionally free-associate and ramble and sometimes rant outside of my normal daily grind, and it has allowed me to explore, a little bit, the new social media outlets and think about applying them to my day job.  It has given me a chance to learn more about gardening and especially about roses, through research and from others.  And it has opened some doors to inward reflection.  I now know more about the passions that exist in my life and have an ever-so-slightly better appreciation of the important things in life from writing about them.

I appreciate, most of all, you readers and regular visitors to Garden Musings.  I've gained friends that I've never met in person and I've learned from each of you through your own observations and comments about my entries.  I've explored new plants and new thoughts because of this blog.  I've learned that sometimes the better part of  being a blogger is simply thinking about what went right or wrong in that most recent garden effort.  On the other side of this electronic divide, I hope you're enjoying a glimpse of Flint Hills gardening and that you can continue to tolerate the lens of humor and irreverent bemusement that I view the world through.  Please feel free to drop me a private line about anything you see that will help me to improve, either my gardening or my writing.  I also hope you realize that Mrs. ProfessorRoush, who is gracefully continuing to evolve into my garden muse, is not so much an onerous gardening cross that I have to bear as she is a loving and supportive companion who at least tolerates my eccentricities and the time I spend away in our garden.

As for the future, I'm content to let it develop as it will.  One thing that life (and gardening in Kansas) surely teaches us over time is that we all need to take it a little less seriously and be able to roll with the seasonal and sometimes tornadic punches.  Somewhat-daily blogging has slowed down my efforts on a second gardening book, but I hope it continues to better my writing and helps me find a unique voice.  Certainly, my grammar is slowly improving and the ideas are stacking up.  

And, anyway, blogging is but a garden of the mind, sometimes budding to bloom, sometimes wilting in the harsh light, but always expressing life in every thought and paragraph.


  1. Well consider yourself much appreciated by this Texas gardener, Professor! Thanks to you I've discovered Cassandra Danz, Henry Mitchell, and of course you and a whole different kind of gardening book. Hope you can find time to write more! Sincerely, Texas Anonymous

  2. I've enjoyed reading posts from a gardener so close to home. My husband and I live north of Topeka. We love the Flint Hills and have visited the KSU gardens several times for fun and inspiration. Looking forward to more posts. :)

  3. Beautiful written. And, happy blogoversary! I'm incredibly impressed with the fact that you've posted 227 posts in one year. And, they're all goodies, in my mind. Don't you just love how big your world becomes when you start blogging?

  4. Con-grates from an old grouch and fellow flint hills frontiersman! You are an inspiration. I guess. lol.

  5. Prof, Congratulations on your first year in the books. You have put together a wonderful reflection and your insights bring deeper understanding. I am glad that I came across your blog so soon after starting my own. Great job! Rev-

  6. A beautiful post and gorgeous roses. I also love gardening and have been blogging for a little over a year.
    Happy anniversary to you!
    ~ Julie

  7. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's last week! happy one year anniversary! Hope to see you again this upcoming week! xoxo, tracie


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