Monday, September 12, 2011

September Thirteenth Tribulations

Welcome to the second monthly Thirteenth Tribulations!  As previous readers are aware, the 13th of each month, Garden Musings hosts a blog circus where you can link your blog telling about your personal gardening tribulation.  In other words, link to a blog entry (made within the last month) that describes your landscape design mistakes, your plant deaths, your battles with deer, or your horticultural mishaps, so everyone else can learn from them!  The LinkyThing opens at 8:00 p.m. tonight and will close at 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the 14th. I'll open up the linky thing by the 13th of every month and then close it at midnight on the 14th.

For my own blog on a garden misery this month, I'll just link to my attempt at poetic license previously on my August 23rd post titled  "Oh Woe, Oh Poe!".

I owe an apology also to Sarah and others who have been trying recently to look at August's Thirteenth Tribulations post.  I had started this monthly series under a free trial subscription to LinkyTools which expired, and so the links went away!  But, surprise(!) I paid the annual subscription and they're back up now so check them out at the link above!

Also, I owe a big thank you to Horticulture's blogging editor Meghan Shinn for putting in a plug for Thirteenth Tribulations!  As I commented on her blog post, "we all may not garden together, but we can commiserate together."  Hope we get a load of folks who look forward each month to participating!

Please link away for this month below!


  1. I'm not quite sure how I posted my link twice. Feel free to delete one of them.

    And thanks for making the links viewable again. :)

  2. No thanks necessary! It's a great idea and I hope it takes off.—Meg at Hort.

  3. It sounds like fun, I love reading about other people's mistakes. Maybe I can join soon too, I certainly have done enough to write about :)

  4. I love the idea (I read Meg's post on the Horticulture web site). Lord knows, if I can help prevent other gardeners from making any of MY mistakes, I would leave a positive mark on the world LOL.

    But your post has me wondering... why not leave the link open? Many of us have very busy lives outside of gardening and I know from my experiences with the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, many of us are often a couple days behind in getting our posts up. I suspect that like me, many other participants try to visit many of the gardens that are linked there. It's my "go to" place.... I post a link as promptly as I can and then spend the rest of the month visiting the gardens that are linked there.

    We all strive to be ready to post on the GBBD "day" but the reality is that both for the posters and the readers, it's a monthly event that happens around a specific day but not always right on it.

    You might check with Carol at May Dreams Gardens about the pros and cons of keeping the link open vs. closing it after 48 hours. Especially now, with so much interest in this monthly event being generated, it's a shame that those of us who would post even now, can't attach a link. You may lose a lot of participants who are really motivated but will have to wait until October 13th to link 9and then may forget). And if that happens to be a hectic couple of days and they can't get to it until the weekend, they (and you and your readers) would miss out.

    Just a thought.... from someone who has visited your blog before and enjoyed it!

  5. Interesting thought....I'll consider it.


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