Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anguish and Joy

Yes, I know that I haven't posted in several days.  No big excuses here, though.  When last Tuesday came around, and the thermometer crossed back over the 100F mark and stayed there through yesterday, I just couldn't face my garden or anything to do with it.  Aside from watering a few potted plants and the surviving roses of the Heirloom Roses shipment from a few weeks back, I hibernated and dreamed of winter.

And dreamed of rain.  We haven't had over 2/10ths of rain in the past month and things are beyond drying up, they're dry.  I haven't done more than mow the edges of the blacktop (where the crabgrass always grows fastest) in a month, so I guess the positive side is that I haven't been sitting on a roaring mower every week.   Last weekend, knowing that summer wasn't saying goodbye without another heat wave, I watered many of the beds, feeling guilty that I was breaking my "no extra water" rule but wanting to protect the  roses, and then I withdrew from the garden and garden thoughts.  Read some trashy vampire-mystery novels (James Butcher and Laura Hamilton) and pretended I was in Alaska.

But, as the psalmist wrote "...Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning" (Psalm 30:5).   Temperatures today (Saturday) in the low 90's are supposed to lead to daytime highs in the 70's through the weekend and a 40% chance for rain tonight.  I don't hold much hope for the rain, since I've seen several weeks of 30% chances come and go, but at least the temperatures will mean that whatever moisture gets added to the garden might stay around more than 30 minutes.

I'll leave you with this; one of my favorite pictures of my now-grown son.  He was born in Wisconsin but we moved here shortly before his first birthday, and in this picture, taken at about 1 1/2 or 2 years of age (he walked before he was 9 months old), he proved himself to be quickly adapting to Kansas weather as he was rejoicing in a surprise shower after a long hot dry period.  I remember I could hardly get him to hold still from slapping those bare feet down in the puddles on the still-warm concrete.   I don't think the Batman shirt would fit me, but this is otherwise exactly what I plan to do the next time it rains here, if it ever rains here again.


  1. Sounds like your weather is much like ours has been here in central Illinois. We have been having to consistently water, and even my well established perennials are suffering. We just received a 1/4" of rain today. The first good rainfall since June, I believe. I hope you get a good steady shower....soon.

  2. That photo is totally adorable!! We are a play-in-the-rain type of family here, too. Here's wishing that you get to don the superhero shirt of your choice and dance in the rain very soon. Photos are to be published here afterward, you understand.

  3. I'm think'n I'll wear my birthday suit. lol. My wife's favorite tree shrivled up this week. She asked me why? Well my new response is to shrug and sound dumbfounded. I'm pretty good at it.

  4. Somewhere recently I read about lying on the ground during a rain and watching the raindrops bounce on and off of the blades of grass. If we ever get a decent rain (during the daytime), I fully intend to try it. (There are benefits to living out in the country where no one can see you to call you crazy!)

    By the way, I hope your 40% chance of rain panned out last night. We actually got 1/4"!

  5. I hope you get some rain soon. Great picture of your son, can't wait to see pictures of you splashing in the puddles :)

  6. So very different here, especially this Summer. We have been longing for more cloud free days and less rain. Great bit of nostalgia and terrific photo, kids do the same here and don't even object to the near frost bite to their toes. May I recommend Dean Koontz for a little escapism.

  7. I had to laugh. .we got a beautiful surprise shower in south central Ks right before we left for vacation the last week of July. .my daughter. .who is 3 1/2 had NEVER remembered seeing rain!! She and her 13 year old brother got thoroughly soaked as they ran through the rain and jumped in the puddles!! We certainly continue to pray for rain. .as that rain is long gone!! But certainly thankful that, as you said, at least now the water added to the gardens will stay for a bit!!


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