Thursday, March 15, 2012

Center Stage

Despite the forsythia in full bloom, my Dutch crocuses already showing signs of age, and the daffodils cheerily throwing everything into yellow, the star of my garden yesterday was my 'Sunglow' apricot tree, in full bloom at least 10 days earlier than I've noted in the past.  These delicate blooms are completely intoxicating in fragrance, and delightfully lacy to touch.

 The tree, in full glory, stands alone in bloom right now, and the blue Kansas sky contrasts the blush pink blossoms to perfection, don't you think?

I was not the only living creature mesmerized by 'Sunglow' yesterday.  I saw at least three different insects visiting the blossoms yesterday; a "moth", a "sweat bee", and a "fly" as seen below.  I don't know if these are all actually pollinating the flowers, but they all seem to be trying for a taste of the nectar.  Certainly, whatever insects have hatched or woken up from winter for miles around are probably at or heading for this tree. I'm terrible at insect identification so I haven't the slightest idea of the species involved, but the moths seem the most frequent and persistent visitor to the tree.  I can only hope that at least one of these creatures is enabling the procreation of these gorgeous flowers.  Such beauty shouldn't exist merely to go to empty waste.

Please God, protect my garden from late freezes right now.  I saw some color in the buds of peaches and cherries yesterday, so the rest of the orchard and fruits cannot be far behind.  Temperatures in the 80's all this week and forecast to stay in the 70's all next week, so the closer we get to April, the more serene I'll be.


  1. Yes, it is another year of early blooms. Soon we all will have to change our idea of "early." You have shown off your apricot very nicely.

  2. Usually our last frost is around the 15th of April. So what's your guess this year?

  3. Greggo, I think we've seen our last frost 2 weeks ago. Right now, the 10 day forecast is for the lowest temps in the low 40's Wouldn't that be incredible?

  4. I brought forsythia and crabapple branches indoors to force, but all I have outside are a few snowdrops. But spring is coming. Earlier than usual.


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