Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thankful Mornings

There are times, gardening here in the Flint Hills, that I am frustrated beyond endurance, tired of fighting the fierce winds, the stony ground, the late spring freezes, and the summer swelter.  The ice storms, the periodic and seasonal droughts, and the ever-present danger of prairie fires are just a few of the traumas that batter my gardening soul.  There are also moments, however, when the incredible beauty of the Flint Hills takes center stage and lightens my burden:

As it did one early morning this week, when a low-lying fog hugged the valleys to my west (above) and brought mystery and grandeur to the prairie. 

Or as it did yesterday morning, when my back garden emerged clear and calm above the misty lower pastures (above). 

Early in the season, the sparse early blooms may be washed out by the bright noon sun, but with morning light and a little dew, the lilacs in the foreground pop and the colors of the purple smoke tree  in the background seem somehow more vivid.  As the garden greens with spring, so my heart rises, buoyed out of fog with my growing garden.


  1. Very nice entry prof. We too have had cooler damper mornings this week. Wishing you a happy Easter morning.

  2. With just a little more imagination, I think I could be in your garden on one of these slightly foggy, spring mornings. Both your photographs and your garden are truly lovely!

  3. Very inspiring. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. The first photo looks like a painting - so beautiful!


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