Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chipping Cheerfully

Just for those who were wondering how the Chipping Sparrow eggs were doing, I'm happy to report that the babies have hatched and are growing just fine.  Momma Chipping Sparrow, however, looks a bit harried and tense as she tries to keep these hungry little critters fed.

Lately, watching these little bits of life develop, it strikes me that there is nothing quite so life-affirming as watching a nest of baby birds go from egg to fledgling.


  1. Appreciate the update. What I like the best is that you are finding nests of less common birds (and sharing them with us). And that you're not reporting cowbird eggs in either. Very positive.

  2. I love Chipping Sparrows!! It always amazes me how baby birds change from naked and helpless to feathered and flighted in such a short time ... and how many insects it takes to achieve this. The parents are certainly busy providing for their brood.


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