Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plentiful Panoramas

ProfessorRoush recently joined the technologically-addicted Mrs. ProfessorRoush and her diminutive clone and upgraded from my archaic iPhone 4 straight to the iPhone 5.  It wasn't, if you are wondering, because I was jealous that I couldn't talk to Siri, nor was it because I thought the i5 was an actual improvement for web-surfing.  I was simply envious of the picture quality improvement over the iPhone 4 after witnessing several rose photos that Mrs. ProfessorRoush has been furtively taking and then posting to Facebook.

What I didn't know before purchase, but quickly discovered, was that panoramic collages can be produced by the iPhone 5 by any idiot able to stand still and swivel their hips.  Now, I'll admit that the images are not perfect, being an iPhone and all, but they do serve to tell a tale.  Witness a panorama of my back landscaping taken last night:

Blooming left to right are 'Morden Centennial' (barely glimpsed), 'Christopher Columbus', 'Jeanne Lavoie', 'Zephirine Drouhin', 'Morden Blush', Prairie Joy', 'Carefree Beauty', 'David Thompson',  'Fantin Latour', and 'Madame Hardy'.  I've used the original 5mb files so you can blow them up and look closer.  Neat to get it all in one picture, eh?

My "East Rose Berm," pictured above, starts out on the left with the last few first flush bright red flowers of 'Robusta', then orange 'Alchymist', 'Adelaide Hoodless', a pink mislabeled rose that I bought as 'Charles de Mills' but which I suspect is 'Constance Spry', 'Pink Grootendorst' with darker pink 'William Baffin' in the background, 'Madame Hardy' and 'Cardinal de Richelieu' on either side of my "Aga Marsala" statue, and finally another 'Robusta' that has finished blooming.  There is a small bed to the right in which can be seen 'Belinda's Dream' in front of 'Westerland', Purple Pavement', 'Salet', and 'Golden Princess'. 

'Banshee', first bloom of 2013
In essence, I think the iPhone 5 takes some decent pictures and some not-so-good images, depending on what you're looking for, but the panoramas are a nice option.  The iPhone seems to be hideous on reds; red roses turn out both poor in color tone and in focusing, but it can take some very nice photos of whites and blush pinks.  I thought the photo of 'Banshee', on the right, came out just perfect on the first try!  It's not ready to replace a good Canon or Nikon yet, however.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Good choice to upgrade! Do you ever post to Instagram? I'm not a "facebooker" but I'm loving Instagram as a way to share my garden photos. I'm so impressed your roses all seem to bloom at the same time. My different cultivars bloom in waves so I just don't seem to get that "Wow" factor overall!

  2. Beautiful! Good choice to upgrade. Do you use Instagram? I'm not a "facebooker" but I love Instagram as a way to share my garden pictures. I don't have the "WOW" factor you have going on here, though. Very nice.

  3. I don't use Instagram...nor Pinterest. I'm just not that excited about posting pictures without much in the way of text...I guess you could say my soul is a writer, not a photographer.

    My roses don't all bloom at the same time; Therese Bugnet, Harison's Yellow, and others have already finished. However Basye's Purple just opened yesterday, so it looks like it will bring up the rear along with American Pillar.


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