Saturday, October 1, 2011

Garden Grumblings (October)

Friends, we're going to try something a bit different this month with what I formerly called "Thirteenth Tribulations". Thanks to "Cathy and Steve" and to others who emailed me suggestions, I'm going to try keeping the linky thing open for an entire month at a time. 

I 've renamed it "Garden Grumblings" (by the month), and after it is posted here as a linky blog on the first day of each month, I'll put a semi-permanent link to it in the sidebar at the right, just above the search box, so you can easily find it and either post to it yourself throughout the month, or find it to check back occasionally to see other postings.  I'm hoping, of course, that as you post your miseries, mishaps, and mistakes in your own blogs, you'll remember to link them centrally here all month long for the benefit of others to learn from.

Why "Garden Grumblings"?  Well, you know how ProfessorRoush likes alliteration.  Keeping "Tribulations" as part of the name was just too hard.  I briefly considered "Garden Grievances", but that seemed a little too formal and snarky, and "Garden Groans" had that high-pitched constant complaining feel to it.  "Garden Grumbles" was my first choice, but there is actually a blog named exactly that.  "Garden Grumblings" has a nice, quietly earthy, gardener feel to it and conveys the idea, don't you think?

We're all waiting to sob with you over your landscape design mistakes, your plant deaths, your battles with deer, or your horticultural Armageddons.  The motto of Garden Grumblings is "We may not garden together, but we can commiserate together."  So please link away for this month below!  And spread the word!

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