Saturday, October 22, 2011

October GGW Photo Contest

I've been making photographs for October's Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest for weeks, trying to find just the right composition to fill what I felt was the nebulous theme of "fill the frame."  The contest rules, as I understand them, don't allow post-cropping of the photograph (the entire "canvas" must be used) so it creates a bit of a challenge to allow my camera lens to do the cropping.  I've taken wide lens garden vistas, and "whole plant" photographs and closeup after closeup, and before today, I believed the hardest part of the challenge was to make my own choice from among many possibilities.  Right up, that is, until I found this solitary, late bloom of the Griffith Buck rose 'Prairie Harvest', and then, even before the picture was taken, I knew I had my entry.  She was perfect, and delicate and a deeper yellow than the blooms of high summer, and even our recent first October freeze couldn't dim her glory.  So here she is, immortal hereafter, my "harvest" of the memories of past summer's sunshine:
Rosa 'Prairie Harvest', 10/22/11


  1. Looks like a pretty entry to me. Love the color!

  2. My laptop crashed a week ago, I mashed my smart phone, my old pc harddrive is dead so, no contact. All I can say is beat O U . Really nice photo btw.


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